AAA Western & Central New York - Achieving Service Goals: A Partnership

Balancing quality of service with service delivery costs is a priority for every AAA and CAA club. The logistics of large territories, staffing challenges, and technology investments can make this balance difficult. Given the AAA brand’s ties to Emergency Road Service (ERS), members have high expectations around the quality of roadside services, which is why AAA Western and Central New York (AAA-WCNY) has set themselves high goals, including a greater than 90% overall member satisfaction rate.

Campana’s AXIS ERS system has been developed to meet the specific needs of AAA and CAA clubs, but implementing upgrades and system improvements can be another challenge. Between shifts in department accountability for the system and not having time to integrate the software into workflows, AAA-WCNY found they weren’t retaining complete knowledge of the system and that some functionality was getting overlooked.

“Due to the gaps in system knowledge, our road service team experienced a variety of challenges with service delivery. We had issues with the logistics of our territory and keeping our arrival times as low as possible in the context of staffing and cost control” said Joe McLaughlin, Vice President of Operations and Technology. The club needed technology solutions to help meet its goals, but they suspected some would already exist in AXIS. As Joe indicated, “some of the things the system was allegedly not able to do, we learned very quickly that it could, had we kept up with the technology.”

AXIS is a complex and far-reaching system with a lot of functionality. AAA-WCNY discovered that this affected their successful implementation of some features.

“For the dispatching function, the logistics of it is actually quite complex. We were obviously not using it very well when we had first put it in. We made some assumptions and we didn’t understand, for example, why the system would do what it did and acted like it acted,” said Joe.

“We look at Campana as a partner rather than a vendor. That’s a big difference,” said Joe. This approach had AAA-WCNY and Campana collaborating to improve the club’s implementation of the AXIS ERS system. Campana provided training to AAA-WCNY staff on under-utilized functions that would help with the service and cost balance.

Complex systems often require a deeper understanding of their capabilities in order to be efficiently used. Through the training, club staff “learned that many things were under [their] control and [they] could actually go in and change configurations.”

In approaching Campana as a partner, rather than as a vendor, Joe and AAA-WCNY’s road service team were able to work more closely with the knowledgeable staff at Campana. Their project manager, Steve Lang, “spent a good bit of time with [their] folks teaching them to make better use of the system.” Joe added “we rely on Steve for a lot of advice and training.” When asked what role Campana played in helping AAA-WCNY meet their road service goal for 90% overall member satisfaction, Joe answered, “support. Being there. I can’t say enough about the team that you have.”

Looking to the future, Joe said, “we could always get better, but I’d say that we’ve done a much better job of at least being able to segment our territory into different ETA regions based on what’s going on. We have better control of things than we’ve ever had.” Having a better understanding and control of the system allows clubs to fully utilize its capabilities. Better leveraging their investment in AXIS brings clubs that much closer to their member satisfaction goals.

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