3 Ways to Help Auto Clubs Improve their Member Engagement Efforts

In-person interactions between Auto Clubs and their Members have sharply declined in the past two years due to COVID-19. The pandemic has caused many brick-and-mortar retail operations to become suspended. Amidst these changes, Auto Clubs are struggling to move to a digital-first strategy resulting in less engagement and back-to-base sales. Cross-selling and upselling opportunities have waned alongside Member touchpoints.

As the economy begins to recover, a sound strategy is needed to boost add-on revenue for your club. Here are three ways to better manage your Member Engagement processes.

Know Your Members

Today, data is the key to knowing how to best communicate with your Members. Most Membership systems are rich in data about a Member’s likes and dislikes, transaction history, demographic information, and more. Collecting data through NPS surveys and other questionnaires will provide additional key details about how your Member sees you fulfilling their needs. Analyzing this data allows you to calculate how valuable a Member is to you, predict their buying potential, and categorize effective marketing segments to target intelligent offers. The more data you have about your Members, the better you can engage with them.

 One Size Does Not Fit All

Members are young, older, urban, rural and everything in between. Furthermore, different types of Members, such as drivers, travellers, or shoppers, all have unique ways they need to be engaged. Your strategy should always include the appropriate channel to engage your Members. For example, while you might have an offer that you are confident your Member will be interested in, but you do not know that they rarely check their email, then your efforts will be in vain. It is not enough just to know what your Member’s preferences are, but how to effectively reach them as well.

Automate, Automate, Automate

The life of a Member Engagement specialist has become busier over the past few years with increased pressures and responsibilities. Many marketers are turning to automation to aid with tasks like marketing list creation, robust campaign and journey creation, next best product presentation, lead generation, win/loss analysis, A/B testing, and feedback collection. Leveraging these types of tools will allow you to spend the time required to analyze campaign effectiveness and support your revenue and engagement goals. Let systems do the easy work for you so that you can dedicate your energy to more complex tasks.

Member Engagement will still be a struggle for Auto Clubs as Members’ needs and wants evolve throughout the pandemic and beyond. Members are not travelling as frequently or as far, and some commutes have become non-existent as work from home becomes the norm. Lastly, online shopping has become more important than visiting brick-and-mortar locations.

To see how AXIS Membership can help you meet your Member Engagement goals, connect with Member Product Specialist, Michael Estabrooks at Campana.