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Use One System Across All Your Offices

Bolster growth and agent productivity with AXIS Travel, an integrated solution that manages the entire life cycle of a trip.

Streamline your processes by having your front and back office stay view and use the same system.

Gain the understanding you need to create successful promotions, boost group bookings and retain your customers.

Gain Complete Control of Your Travel Agency, End-to-End

Give your agents access to the information they need remotely
Consolidate booking records in one system
Maximize service fee collection
Streamline front-office and back-room processing of bookings
Track all individual and group bookings together, even on the same itinerary
Connect with other financial, booking, CRM and POS systems for seamless information sharing
Improve customer service by using smartphone-friendly emails
Integrate with AXIS POS or third-party POS systems
Manage group sales with pre-set group itineraries and pricing, and real-time inventory

Get Your Financials in Order

Reduce errors

  • Minimize corrections using table-driven rules
  • Guarantee accounting accuracy from automated calculations that result from agent invoicing

Maintain good supplier relations

  • Streamline supplier settlement via cheque processing, BSP/ARC reporting and commission imports, such as Pegasus, Paymode-X, TACS and ITSS

Stay on top of commission due dates

  • Track credit card commission dues along with non-prepaid hotel and car commission dues
  • Remind partners of commissions payment due dates through automated letter generation

Increase Agent Efficiency and Productivity

Cut down on manual entry

  • Eliminate duplicate keying by integrating with booking systems and third-party CRM systems
  • Minimize data entry using standardize client documents

Minimize booking time & errors

  • Reduce booking time by copying trips and products within trips
  • Decrease errors by reducing GDS use to electronic booking only

Stay organized

  • Automate and track reminders, such as client payments coming due, documents to be sent and more
  • Keep track of agent to-do lists from diary tasks the agents entered, or auto-generated tasks

Get Real-Time Insights into Bookings and Members

Easily analyze & export data

  • Enable deep booking and productivity analysis by using rich itinerary and transactional databases
  • Export itinerary and transactional data to external data warehouse for BI analysis using your preferred tools
  • Maintain effortless compliance with AAA National quality standards

Maintain visibility of your business

  • Fine-tune marketing efforts by tracking promotions
  • Flag trips and customers to gain transparency into specific programs

Implement effective tracking

  • Track leisure and corporate as well as member and non-member profile information

Boost Your Bottom Line with Group Automation

Shop and Book with Ease

  • Easily find available groups using type, date and destination searches
  • Book by selling quantities from inventory and choosing options
  • Quickly build your trip using template itineraries and remarks

Enjoy Flexible Accounting and Reporting

  • Recognize and distribute revenue based on a variety of options
  • Generate manifest and productivity reports with ease

Travel Group

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Automate Lead and Client Management

Improve sales

  • Streamline how sales leads are captured, disseminated and managed
  • Transform your reactive service personnel into proactive sales agents
  • Organize your client list in your Book of Business
  • Strengthen customer relationships by tracking last point of contact
  • Monitor performance of leads converting to sales





Leads Management

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Easy to Use and Connect to

Integrate AXIS Travel with third-party systems that you use on a day-to-day basis. By giving your agents access to information across your entire organization, you can open the doors to communication and growth. Below is a short list of some of the integrations that you can achieve with AXIS Travel.
  • Booking systems:

    Apollo, Travelport Cruise, TST, Orion, Allianz, Travel Guard and Air Canada
  • Financial systems:

    Prophix, Great Plains, Peoplesoft and Epicor
  • POS:

    AAA National’s Connect POS
  • CRM Systems:

    Pivotal, MemberzPlus

How AXIS Travel Helped Travel Agencies Like You

“I love the groups program; it has been so nice to work with. The support and confidence that Campana’s staff gives me is so helpful. With the tools available I can do anything to make my job easier. Thanks for the help and great instructions.”

Gail Bielecky, Tour Planner, CAA Niagara

“Our agents love the new Trip Workspace. It is much easier to enter information, to navigate through the system and to access the To Do list from anywhere. Entering flights and ports of call segments in a table has sped up entry time and reduced data entry errors.”

Dawn Turske, Supervisor, Travel Technology, AAA Ohio Auto Club

“Our hotel and car rentals have been going up over the years because we’ve been asking the questions. Our out-of-province insurance has also gone up.”

Kevin Daley, VP Finance & Administration, CAA Atlantic

See How <span>AXIS Travel</span><br> Can Help You Grow Profits<br>  and Improve Agent Profitability

See How AXIS Travel
Can Help You Grow Profits
and Improve Agent Profitability


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