AXIS Member Request Tracking System (MRTS)

Handle All Your Member Requests with One Omnichannel Feedback Platform

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Handle All Your Member Requests with One Omnichannel Feedback Platform

Does your auto club struggle with coordinating responses to member requests?

With AXIS Member Request Tracking System (MRTS), you can process all your member requests in one place and ensure that they always end up in the correct department. That way, nothing will fall through the cracks and your members will have their issues dealt with in a timely manner.

Member Request Tracking System

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Our MRTS offering allows you to…

See the Complete Picture

Quickly pull up member details like their name, address and contact info, alongside all their latest and past requests.

Organize and Assign

Easily classify member requests by channel and type, then assign them to the appropriate department/handler.

Streamline Request Handling

Enable handlers to access and resolve all requests assigned to them (or their department) in one place.

Drive Accountability

Track the activity for any given request to ensure everyone knows the next step towards resolution.

Analyze Each Request

Audit every request for information such as costs, member feedback, source, resolution and see attached documents.

Monitor Trends

Keep an eye on member requests over time through detailed reports to pinpoint and resolve problem areas.

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