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Improve Your Profitability with AXIS CloudGroups

Increase visibility across all your team roles – from travel agent to accountant, to system administrator – with AXIS CloudGroups, a cloud solution built on the platform.

It will empower your team to work more efficiently, consistently and collaboratively.


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With AXIS CloudGroups, you’ll be able to:

See the Whole Picture

Keep an eye on each individual trip to see how everyone is successfully contributing to your bottom line.

Grow Profits

Rely on customizable aggregate reports and dashboards to pinpoint opportunities for boosting revenue and cutting costs.

Streamline Workflow

Build standardized group templates for all group planners to ensure ease of setup, consistency, and efficiency.

Shop & Book with Ease

Easily find available groups by type, date and destination and sell from inventory by specifying quantities and selecting available options.

Save Time

Set up trips quickly by using pre-built group templates that contain itinerary and pricing details.

Gain Visibility

Easily audit all of your agents' activities – from bookings to payments – to ensure your agency always gets paid.

Manage Your Finances

Unify all your financial activities within one system – from pricing to accounting – to keep everything connected and ensure accuracy.

Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data

Avoid losing your data due to man-made or natural disasters by keeping it in the cloud.

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