Manage Memberships More Easily

with AXIS Membership System

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Get a 360-degree View of Your Members

With so many branches, departments and communication channels, Membership management is a big challenge for many auto clubs – unless you have AXIS Membership.

Membership offers a comprehensive billing system, including electronic billing, that can be configured to satisfy your acquisition and retention needs.


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Provide Exceptional Customer Service
by Creating Meaningful Member Interactions

Grow your Membership by providing special member types to support business needs
Increase revenue by easily adding or upgrading memberships
Offer diverse payment options to satisfy Member preferences
Use Email/SMS billing notifications to ensure timely renewals
Measure the value of a member by analyzing the breadth and depth of their club interactions
Gain in-depth insights into trends and interactions
Present a rich online experience as part of your digital strategy
Have Membership power other AXIS modules through seamless integration
Reduce complexity by easily integrating with 3rd party systems

Reward Your Members

Cultivate Future Sales

  • Offer your members credits towards their next purchase
  • Get more Premier members by offering members credits towards their upgrade
  • Integrate with AXIS Point-of-Sale to let members redeem their credits

Reward with Instant Savings

  • Enable members to keep more money in their wallets when shopping at retailers through your relationship with partners
  • Provide value to your loyalty partner network with in-depth data analytics

Loyalty Program

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Increase Member Retention by Having Convenient Payment Options

Streamline transactions

  • Automate the payment process and consolidate member activity onto a single shopping cart
  • Process transactions in multiple areas (retail products, travel, road service, etc.)
  • Capture all payment activity and provide end-of-day reconciliation by branch and bank account
  • Offer AAA/CAA Dollars to redeem against purchases instead of selling products at a discount

Improve your tracking & reporting

  • Build a detailed customer profile by tracking areas of interest, travel preferences and special needs, etc.
  • Create your own custom and ad-hoc reports, timely and insightful information about your business


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Document, Assign and Respond to Client Requests or Complaints Quickly

Work more efficiently

  • Initiate and send requests to the appropriate handling department, reducing paper, routing and omission errors
  • Access request-taking, viewing and inquiry capabilities quickly and easily
  • Process both client and internal requests
  • Let call takers enter callback complaints directly from Emergency Road Service

Stay on top of vital information

  • Capture leads, feedback, complaints, questions and suggestions provided by members on your club website
  • Track costs incurred, letters sent, actions taken and problem sources
  • Monitor and analyze MRTS activities with detailed reports

Member Request Tracking

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How AXIS Membership Helped Auto Clubs Like You

“Campana has helped us achieve some significant milestones – we’ve tripled our memberships and have the fastest-growing auto-renewal rate in the industry.”

Steve McCall, CEO, CAA Atlantic

“It brings all of the different tools and intelligence sets that we have across the company to one powerful tool that’s easy to use (and) deliver(s) some of that intelligence to the front line so that we can work in tandem.”

Gary Howard, VP, Marketing & Communications, CAA Atlantic

“Staff can quickly identify key information and provide a far better quality of service. This directly reflects on the loyalty of our club members.”

Marie-Claude Nantel, Operational Support Analyst, CAA Atlantic

See How <span>AXIS Membership</span><br> Can Give You Insight into Member<br> Behavior and Preferences

See How AXIS Membership
Can Give You Insight into Member
Behavior and Preferences


We’d love to show you how our solution can make managing the members of your auto club easier. To get a personalized demo, just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!