Campana Tees Up for a Charitable Cause at CAA Niagara’s Golf Tournament

Embracing the sun for a worthy cause! On July 10th, 2023, The Campana Systems team united to make a positive impact on the community while honing their golf swings at a Golf Tournament co-organized by CAA Niagara and the Rotary Club of St. Catherines. A full day of golfing was enjoyed by all, which included […]

Campana’s Next In-Person Working Group Meeting to be held in Niagara Falls, Canada

We are excited to announce that Campana’s in-person Working Group meeting will return for another year! Similar to last year, there will be separate sessions for participants from various areas of Campana’s business, including Travel, Membership/CRM, and Road Service. Campana Product Managers will once again lead the sessions. The Working Group Meeting will be held […]

3 Ways to Help Auto Clubs Improve their Member Engagement Efforts

In-person interactions between Auto Clubs and their Members have sharply declined in the past two years due to COVID-19. The pandemic has caused many brick-and-mortar retail operations to become suspended. Amidst these changes, Auto Clubs are struggling to move to a digital-first strategy resulting in less engagement and back-to-base sales. Cross-selling and upselling opportunities have […]
Campana Premium Support Services

AXIS Premium Support Services

Does your Auto Club ever require additional tech support during peak demand periods or when upgrading software? Many clubs don’t always have the time to handle system maintenance and monitoring, which is why you can depend on AXIS Premium Support to help you deliver mission-critical services to your members worry and hassle-free. Here are just a few of the AXIS Premium […]
Travel Agent

It’s the perfect time to simplify work from home for Travel Agents

Travelport is now migrating customers towards Travelport+ signaling the end of life for your current Apollo Global Distribution System (GDS), therefore it will become necessary for all AXIS Travel clubs to implement the Travelport Universal API. The implementation presents an opportunity for clubs to create a work-from-home environment utilizing AXIS WebDirect in combination with the […]
Campana eSign

Campana’s Cloud-based Travel System ‘CloudGroups’ now Live!

Campana has officially launched their cloud-based travel system: AXIS CloudGroups. With AXIS CloudGroups, you can empower your Travel Agents to work more efficiently, consistently, and collaboratively, without having to physically be in the office. What does this mean? Agents can continue to work from home without losing productivity Potential savings on office space going forward […]
Amazon Gift Card Prizes

Campana Announces 2021 Post-User Group Survey Raffle Winners!

Campana Systems hosted their first-ever Virtual User Group this year from May 10-14th. The Campana team revealed some exciting updates for 2021 and beyond, engaged in some strategic conversations, and re-united with customers over a four-day-long conference. A Survey Monkey questionnaire was sent out to close off the conference and those who submitted results were […]
Campana Road Service Rescheduling

Scheduling Road Service Appointments using AXIS ERS

Did you know that by using AXIS’ Emergency Road Service and its Leads Management solution, your club has the ability to schedule Road Service Appointments further than 24 hours into the future? AXIS ERS allows your club to manage your entire Road Service scheduling process without leaving the software. AXIS’ Leads Management and Branch Scheduling features enable […]
Campana eSign

Campana’s New eSign Offering

With fewer members visiting branches and many employees working from home, now is the perfect time to implement Campana’s electronic signature solution. eSign for Travel Receiving authorizations from customers has never been faster or easier. You can create documents for signatures, email them to signers, and get confirmations—all in one easy-to-use interface that can be […]
Data Purging

Purging Service for AXIS files

Did you know that many clubs have accumulated data for years, without running a single file purge? If you would like to turbocharge the performance of your system, then you may want to take advantage of our new Purging Service for AXIS files. This in turn will help you improve your storage costs, backup time, […]
Campana MRTS Case Study

Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships via an Omnichannel Feedback Platform

A large auto club has successfully integrated AXIS’ MRTS with the club’s proprietary Membership Relationship Management (MRM) software, paving the way toward a true omnichannel client experience. The MRTS system provides a cohesive way of documenting, assigning, and responding to client requests across various channels and departments. Embracing the Omnichannel Experience With a powerful platform […]
Axis CloudGroups

Get Ready for AXIS CloudGroups to Roll Out…

With AXIS CloudGroups, our new ‘lite’ group travel system designed for small-sized clubs & non-club travel agencies, you can empower your team to work more efficiently, consistently and collaboratively, while getting the information you need to maximize your profits. AXIS CloudGroups lets you: • Track individual trips to ensure every item is contributing to your […]

CAA North and East Ontario Implements Full Suite of AXIS Products

Waterloo, ON, October 26, 2020 – Campana is pleased to announce that CAA North and East Ontario has recently implemented a full suite of AXIS software products. This includes Member Relationship Management (MRM), Emergency Road Service (ERS), Travel Agency Management and Membership Request Tracking System (MRTS). CAA North and East Ontario CEO Jeff Walker first […]
ERS mobile iOS

AXIS ERS MobilePlus App is Now on iOS Devices

We have some exciting news for you – our ERS (Emergency Road Service) MobilePlus app is now available on iOS mobile devices, meaning that it’s not just Android users who can take advantage of its many features. Thanks to this app, you can: Eliminate the need to buy Android devices for your iOS users Automate dispatch to […]
Campana Member Outrech News Banner

Clubs Can Now Cross-Sell & Upsell More Effectively with AXIS Member Outreach

Did you know that some companies generate 65% to 70% of their revenue by cross-selling and upselling offerings to their existing customers? With AXIS Member Outreach, you can empower your sales and marketing teams to: Use each member’s preferred channel (emails, text, mail, etc) to reach more members Analyze customer interest level in particular offerings to […]
bret ross

CAA Atlantic shielded from COVID-19 by AXIS Web Direct

We’ve recently chatted with Bret Ross, the Vice President of IT at CAA Atlantic, who shared with us some tips on how an auto club can stay connected to its members during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly by taking advantage of Campana’s AXIS Web Direct offering. When asked about the value of bringing AXIS Web Direct […]
Campana MRTS

Campana Simplifies Member Requests with their unique Member Request Tracking System Solution

Did you know that with AXIS Member Request Tracking System (MRTS), you can streamline your member interactions? MRTS allows omnichannel request handling to ensure a coordinated, consistent response between phone, in-branch and written communications. With AIXS MRTS, you can process all member requests in one place and know they will always end up in the correct […]

New: Electronic Signature Integration from AXIS

Auto clubs have always faced difficulties surrounding capturing customer signatures in an easy and timely manner. Campana has now responded by offering Electronic Signatures or E-signatures. E-signatures are a secure, paperless solution that will let you: • Provide customers with the option to sign remotely, without leaving their home • See which signatures were captured, […]
Campana Remote

AXIS WebDirect Helps Clubs Enable a Remote Workforce during COVID-19

WebDirect, Campana’s fully web-based UI, enables clubs to quickly and easily set up a remote workforce. Clubs need to continue servicing members while at the same time creating the physical distance needed to protect their employee’s health. In many cases, clubs are choosing to do this through employees working from home. WebDirect assists club’s efforts […]
Cloud Receive

AXIS CloudReceive Ensures Auto Clubs Never Miss a Road Service Call

AXIS CloudReceive helps auto clubs efficiently take calls from their members during scheduled system outages. AXIS CloudReceive enables auto clubs to: See the big picture by viewing all active service events on one screen, alongside each member’s name, location, call status and problem code. Easily log member information when taking calls, such as their name, […]
2017 NPS Survey

2017 Net Promoter Score

We are pleased to share with you the 2017 Net Promoter Score (NPS) results from the recent survey completed by clubs.
BI Support

Introducing AXIS Business Intelligence (BI) Support

AXIS Business Intelligence Support helps turn your AXIS data into a valuable asset. We are now officially supporting KORE as a robust data pipeline between AXIS and your SQL reporting environment.
Adam Zimmer

New AXIS President Selected

We are delighted to announce that we have selected a new President to lead our AXIS business unit. Our new President, Adam Zimmer, will officially join AXIS on August 15th.

ACG Travel Expansion

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Auto Club Group's (ACG) use of AXIS Travel to their southern region.