AXIS CloudReceive Ensures Auto Clubs Never Miss a Road Service Call

AXIS CloudReceive helps auto clubs efficiently take calls from their members during scheduled system outages.

AXIS CloudReceive enables auto clubs to:

  • See the big picture by viewing all active service events on one screen, alongside each member’s name, location, call status and problem code.
  • Easily log member information when taking calls, such as their name, location, vehicle and problem.
  • Assign calls to drivers and track their location based on their proximity to the road service request.
  • Sync with their ERS system to import all relevant member, vehicle, auto club, driver, garage and tow destination information, eliminating double entry.
  • Protect their data by keeping it saved in the cloud.

For more details, download this info sheet.

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About Campana

Every auto club strives to be the best. That’s why we devised AXIS, an all-inclusive suite of software solutions that can help each department within your auto club improve member relationships, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity.