AXIS WebDirect Helps Clubs Enable a Remote Workforce during COVID-19

WebDirect, Campana’s fully web-based UI, enables clubs to quickly and easily set up a remote workforce. Clubs need to continue servicing members while at the same time creating the physical distance needed to protect their employee’s health. In many cases, clubs are choosing to do this through employees working from home.

WebDirect assists club’s efforts to meet the need for a rapid rollout to support work from home users quickly. One club was able to go from zero dedicated work from home users to 70 in 3 days using WebDirect!

Implementation of WebDirect for remote users eliminates the need to install AXIS software on home PCs making deployment easy. Be sure to include WebDirect in your 2020 plans to support your user’s work environment either from the office or remotely from home.

For more information contact Tony Dietrich.