Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships via an Omnichannel Feedback Platform

In 2012, a large auto club discovered that it did not have a system that provided a cohesive way of documenting, assigning, and responding to client requests across various channels and departments.

As a result, this auto club integrated AXIS’ MRTS with the auto club’s proprietary Membership Relationship Management (MRM) software, paving the way toward a true omnichannel client experience.

Embracing the Omnichannel Experience

With a powerful platform like AXIS’ MRTS, a client could make a request to any department, through any channel – phone, email, social media or in-person – and trust that it would always end up in the same place as all the other requests, where the auto club’s designated employees could easily handle them.

However, the auto club faced a challenge – AXIS’ MRTS had to integrate seamlessly with the auto club’s proprietary MRM system to be truly effective.

Bridging the Gap

To make the integration work, the auto club and AXIS developed APIs that embedded the functionalities of AXIS’ MRTS within the auto club’s MRM.

New capabilities

With the APIs in place, the auto club’s employees could use the auto club’s proprietary MRM system to:

  • Receive alerts when a client has a request
  • Enter or handle requests
  • Access the client information needed to track a request, eliminating manual re-entry
  • Automatically add new client information into AXIS’ MRTS, saving time on user maintenance
A clean transition

By having its employees rely on a pre-existing MRTS system, the auto club was able to get everyone up to speed on the new request handling approach very quickly, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free transition for everyone involved.

Accurate data

By converging its requests from all channels and departments in one place, the auto club leveraged AXIS’ MRTS to start collecting useful data on its clients (by channel and department), which the team could then use to implement meaningful improvements.

















The Omnichannel Future

With the ability to address requests from any channel and enough data to drive change, this auto club is in the perfect position to build and maintain long-lasting client relationships for many years to come.

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