Campana’s New eSign Offering

With fewer members visiting branches and many employees working from home, now is the perfect time to implement Campana’s electronic signature solution.

eSign for Travel

Receiving authorizations from customers has never been faster or easier. You can create documents for signatures, email them to signers, and get confirmations—all in one easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from anywhere. No more paper, no pen, no shipping, and no waiting for documents in the mail—saving you time and money.

eSign for Membership

eSign can be used by clubs to enhance membership transactions including allowing for recurring pre-authorized debit transactions resulting in lower declines and fees and higher renewal and retention rates. Members can instantly upload required documents, such as a void cheque.

eSign in action

Four clubs have already signed up for eSign including Ohio Auto Club. Here’s what Jeremy Marshall at OAC had to say:

“eSign fits perfectly into AAA Ohio’s strategy to modernize and streamline our agency’s processes. AAA Ohio has a requirement for signed trip recaps that has helped us prevent costly errors and protected AAA from liability. Through the pandemic, our agents are booking more trips for clients that are interacting over the phone, by email or through a video call. eSign has instantly created efficiencies in the process to obtain signed recaps from those clients. This has had a positive impact on the agent and client experience. This solution also has long-term benefits in reduced printing and file retention expenses within our branches.”

For more information, please reach out to Audree Boulianne.