Purging Service for AXIS files

Did you know that many clubs have accumulated data for years, without running a single file purge?

If you would like to turbocharge the performance of your system, then you may want to take advantage of our new Purging Service for AXIS files. This in turn will help you improve your storage costs, backup time, performance and access speed.

There are four modules that require this service:

• Membership
• Road Service
• Travel
• Point of Sale/Financials

Interested? The subscription price to purge one area annually is $3000, two areas $4000, three areas $5000 and four areas $6000.

We recommend purging all areas annually. However, for a budget-minded club that uses all four areas, you could subscribe to two purges annually, and achieve a full purge of all areas over two years.

For further details or to enroll, please contact your project manager, or Alan Campbell, Director of Support & Services at 226-444-8033.