Gain a Comprehensive Understanding
of Your Members & Upsell Easier

with a Member Relationship Management System

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Get to Know Your Members on a Deeper Level

Gain a 360-degree view of members, both individually and collectively, with Member Relationship Management (MRM) software, an intuitive customer relationship tool used by AAA/CAA auto clubs.

Help your front-line staff deliver service built on personalized promotions and meaningful dialogue, thereby strengthening member relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

Create Meaningful Customer Interactions
& Increase Retention Rates

Empower front-line staff in their interactions with members
Increase revenue by easily adding or upgrading memberships
Automate and streamline how sales leads are captured, disseminated and managed
Create feedback forms and surveys via your club website and from your CSR
Increase retention by having convenient payment options
Provide your marketing team with the tools they require to actively manage campaigns and target individual customers
Import custom data without any restrictions on frequency
Calculate the value of your members to your clubs by using transactional data from all business lines
Get quick, easy access to individual member information for segmenting and targeting members

Get a 360-degree View of Your Members

Strengthen member relations

  • Work with each member to ensure they and their loved ones have the membership level that suits their lifestyle
  • Transfer monies and information when moving a member from one membership to another and retain the history of your relationship with them
  • Give your members access to your website where they can renew, upgrade or update their membership

Become more profitable

  • Upsell additional coverages and associates to members using promotional discounts
  • Recover additional costs like over-mileage tow fees or non-sufficient fund penalties by adding service fees to the member


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Document, Assign and Respond to Client Requests or Complaints Quickly

Work more efficiently

  • Initiate and send requests to the appropriate handling department, reducing paper, routing and omission errors
  • Access request-taking, viewing and inquiry capabilities quickly and easily
  • Process both client and internal requests
  • Let call takers enter callback complaints directly from Emergency Road Service

Stay on top of vital information

  • Capture leads, feedback, complaints, questions and suggestions provided by members on your club website
  • Track costs incurred, letters sent, actions taken and problem sources
  • Monitor and analyze MRTS activities with detailed reports

Member Request Tracking

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Boost Your Cross-Selling and Upselling Potential

Connect with more members

  • Boost engagement by providing your members with the same outstanding customer experience on the web as within a branch
  • Use each member’s preferred channel to reach them more effectively
  • Integrate with third-party omnichannel marketing platforms to feed your sales funnel with information on members who are likely to respond positively to your targeted campaigns

Improve your marketing efforts

  • Allow marketers to concentrate on creating campaigns by letting the system generate your target members
  • Skyrocket your revenues by increasing conversion rates


Member Outreach

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Increase Member Retention by Having Convenient Payment Options

Streamline transactions

  • Automate the payment process and consolidate member activity onto a single shopping cart
  • Process transactions in multiple areas (retail products, travel, road service, etc.)
  • Capture all payment activity and provide end-of-day reconciliation by branch and bank account
  • Offer AAA/CAA Dollars to redeem against purchases instead of selling products at a discount

Improve your tracking & reporting

  • Build a detailed customer profile by tracking areas of interest, travel preferences and special needs, etc.
  • Create your own custom and ad-hoc reports, timely and insightful information about your business


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Provide Financial Incentives to Your Customers for Being Members

Offer credits

  • Cultivate future sales by offering your members credits towards their next purchase
  • Get more Premier members by offering members credits towards their upgrade
  • Integrate with AXIS Point-of-Sale to let members redeem their credits

Strengthen partner relations

  • Allow members to earn instant savings at participating partners or from purchases made at your club
  • Provide value to your loyalty partner network with in-depth data analytics

Loyalty Program

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Process Transactions Faster with an Intuitive Interface

Empower your customer service representatives

  • Help your CSRs provide consistent and relevant service by providing them a view of all client activities
  • Increase sales by displaying cross-selling opportunities based on client activities

Streamline all tasks

  • Improve access to the functions, menus and data required by club staff to deliver quick and efficient service
  • Increase productivity by combining the multiple steps associated with a transaction into one

Manage CSR’s Commissions for Various Product Sales Throughout Your Club

Automate payments

  • Automatically track commissions and earnings of your sales staff and eliminate manual payout calculations
  • Match pay periods with your payroll calendar for easy incentive payouts

Easily reward high achievers

  • Track sales and help reward employees for positive performance
  • Set sales targets and pay bonuses to CSRs who achieve predetermined quota levels

Keep all data up to date

  • Easily generate the proper incentives for complicated sales situations
  • Monitor and analyze commissioned earnings and club performance
  • Update your incentive rates quickly and easily at any time

AXIS Incentive

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How AXIS MRM Helped Auto Clubs Like You

“Campana has helped us achieve some significant milestones – we’ve tripled our memberships and have the fastest-growing auto-renewal rate in the industry.”

Steve McCall, CEO, CAA Atlantic

“It brings all of the different tools and intelligence sets that we have across the company to one powerful tool that’s easy to use (and) deliver(s) some of that intelligence to the front line so that we can work in tandem.”

Gary Howard, VP, Marketing & Communications, CAA Atlantic

“Staff can quickly identify key information and provide a far better quality of service. This directly reflects on the loyalty of our club members.”

Marie-Claude Nantel, Operational Support Analyst, CAA Atlantic

See How <span>AXIS MRM</span><br> Can Give You Insight into Member<br> Behavior and Preferences

Can Give You Insight into Member
Behavior and Preferences


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