AAA Pioneer Valley - Interview on Road Service Success and the Role AXIS Plays

AAA Pioneer Valley has its roots in the Auto Club of Springfield, which started back in 1901. They currently have four locations and serve close to 200,000 members throughout Western Massachusetts.

We spoke with Vice President – Automotive, Joe Ferraro, to discuss the club’s Road Service success.


Tell me about your role in the club and how you got involved?

Joe: Joe Ferraro, Vice President, Automotive.
I oversee all automotive, such as the service provider network, call centre, the fleet, etc. I started in 1985, originally as a part-time job in high school and through college. I started full time in 1991 and eventually worked my way up through the ranks.


Think about your club’s goals. How can AXIS align to it or help you achieve it?

Joe: Our biggest initiative has been in our fleet, steadily grown in the last several years. ERS MobilePlus has helped, and Vehicle Inspection; they both help to run the fleet better. It’s allowed us to grow our fleet with a good degree of success.


What Benefits have you seen since implementing the AXIS software?

Joe: We’ve been on AXIS since 1998, and basically, over the years, the employees have grown their knowledge and experience. Essentially, we want to improve efficiencies, using the system better, and AXIS has been working with our team to get better at what they do.


What benefits are the most important to your club?

Joe: Integration – the ability to have all the different modules integrate is by far and above the best value for us.


Once you’ve earned a member, how do you keep them as a member?

Joe: Ultimately, we deliver an exceptional service experience. When you combine that with the members’ wants and needs, you stand a good chance of retaining them as a customer.


What’s the one big thing we’re missing in Road Service?

Joe: I think Road Service has lost focus on SmartSpot; needs to be more organic. It represents a good opportunity to be more efficient, and it hasn’t evolved enough through the years through operations. Should there be a team of clubs that talk about the long-term goals? Maybe. I think both AXIS and the clubs that use SmartSpot need to think a little outside the box.

Using the road service system to be more representative of what goes on in the real world.

SmartSpot has been good, but it also has its limitations. Overall development and strategy is something that is missing.


What are the top 3 things that you love about Road Service?


  • Integration – being able to see 360 degree of the member.
  • Ability to use the data to customize reporting.
  • Support from the AXIS team – you do a great job, always there and very helpful.


What have your successes been in Road Service and how has AXIS helped you?

Joe: Being able to expand the fleet, look at the data and integrate, and evaluate the results, has led us to benchmark to our potential.


How has AXIS helped you meet/exceed your accreditation?

Joe: We had our accreditation last year, which was for a full 5-year accreditation. That is extremely difficult to get in this day and age. AXIS has helped by creating the customer reports, looking at the areas of concern, and being able to pull the data and look at where we need to be. In other words, measure specific areas, help target areas where we thought we were in trouble with our accreditation.


A Bit About Joe:

Joe Ferraro is Vice President of Automotive Services for AAA Pioneer Valley located in West Springfield, Massachusetts. He has worked for AAA for more than thirty years. In his current role with the organization, he oversees all aspects of the Club’s automotive operations including the service provider network, call center and club-owned fleet.

Joe’s career originally started by turning his passion for music into a degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music in Boston. A few years later he decided to turn his other interest in automobiles into a full time career at AAA. During his off-hours he enjoys DIY projects, cheering on the Boston Red Sox and Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, but most especially being a dad to his three beautiful children.


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