CAA North and East Ontario Implements Full Suite of AXIS Products

Waterloo, ON, October 26, 2020 – Campana is pleased to announce that CAA North and East Ontario has recently implemented a full suite of AXIS software products. This includes Member Relationship Management (MRM), Emergency Road Service (ERS), Travel Agency Management and Membership Request Tracking System (MRTS).

CAA North and East Ontario CEO Jeff Walker first approached Campana in April 2020, and since then, both teams have focused on implementing the systems in short order. By August 1st, ERS and MRTS  were both up and running, while Travel Agency Management and MRM were implemented for October 1st. Other software modules, such as Member Outreach, will follow shortly after.

“We are glad to have CAA North and East Ontario using the AXIS solution,” said Tony Dietrich, Campana COO. “Our goal is to provide more than just a piece of software. We want to be a trusted partner to our clients. During the implementation stage, we focus on ensuring everything fits together operationally, and our staff are always available for training and support after the fact. This latest implementation is a good example of our commitment to our clients’ success.”

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